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Generic Flagyl is a medication that is used for bacterial infections. This is a drug is an antibiotic and it performs the function of protecting the human body from harmful bacteria that may attack various parts of the human body. Flagyl is the trade name used by a lot of pharmaceutical brands. The medical name of the medicine is metronidazole. The infections that are treated by this medicine include exposed areas of the human body as well as internal organs or parts. Generic Flagyl comes in consumable as well as gel or cream forms for different types of uses.

A single course of generic Flagyl should be taken for the entire prescribed amount of time in order to be able to see complete results of the medicine. While taking the medicine one might start seeing recovery, however if the medication is stopped it is possible that the bacterial infection may recur since it may not be removed entirely. Generic Flagyl should be taken with a lot of care as taking dosages in the wrong way could lead to side effects. It should be ensured that alcohol consumption should be avoided for at least three days after stopping the medicine. If alcohol is taken while the course of the medication is on then there are chances of side effects such as nausea, bouts of vomiting, heart palpitations etc.

In some cases the metronidazole 400 mg is not recommended by doctors. For pregnant women or women who plan to become pregnant, generic Flagyl is not prescribed. This medicine is also not prescribed to people who are allergic to metronidazole. The medicine is also not safe for mothers who breast feed their infants, this is because the medicine has the ability to mix with the breast milk and harm the child. People with certain medical conditions such as liver, stomach or intestinal diseases or suffer from disorders of the blood cells or epilepsy or nerve disorders, should inform their doctor about the disease.

For these patients the doctor may alter the dose pattern or may prescribe specialized tests so as to take the medication without the risk of side effects. Flagyl online comes in tablets of 250 to 750 mg power. They are also available in capsule form and cream or lotion for infections that affect the surface of the body. Doctors could also inject the required quantity Flagyl with the help of vaccines. The types of ailments that can be treated with generic Flagyl include amoebic dysentery, amoebic liver abscess, anaerobic infections, bacterial vaginosis, clostridium difficile infection and giardia, helicobacter pylori, pelvic inflammatory disease, trichomoniasis, rosacea etc.

Flagyl is an effective medication for bacterial infection however, over use of the medicine may make the harmful bacteria immune to it and this may lead to the medicine being rendered less effective or at times ineffective for the patient. The medicine should be taken along with food or milk so as to avoid any stomach problems. Finally it should be taken only as prescribed by a certified doctor.